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B1 - Fortgeschrittene Sprachanwendung

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Anmeldung auf Warteliste English B1 - Time to Talk (F21-4A341)

Fr. 16.04.2021 (10:45 - 12:15 Uhr) - Fr. 25.06.2021
Dozentin: Heather Schlüter

Do you have a good knowledge of English but are too frightened to speak or have no opportunity to practise? Then join our friendly conversation group on Friday mornings and have fun while talking freely about interesting topics. Grammar mistakes are not important but through them we can help each other learn so much and gain confidence every week.

Plätze frei Everyday English Business Communication A2/B1 - Intensivkurs (S21-4A293B)


Mo. 05.07.2021 (09:00 - 14:00 Uhr) - Fr. 09.07.2021
Dozent: Oberdan Fuly

In this one-week course, we will focus on communicating in English for daily tasks in the workplace. Every day conversations will improve with relevant vocabulary, cultural knowledge, and pronunciation practice. Students will learn necessary grammar to make suggestions, describe processes, and talk about work experience. Students will be encouraged to use and adapt language learned in the classroom to their own work environments. In the end we will discuss further how to improve your language skills.