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B2 - Selbstständige Sprachverwendung

Anmeldung auf Warteliste English Conversation Circle B2/C1 (F22-4A443)

Präsenzkurs mit Online-Terminen

Mo. 25.04.2022 (17:30 - 19:00 Uhr) - Mo. 11.07.2022
Dozentin: Christy Crockett

This course is ideal for those wanting to improve their English in a relaxing and friendly environment. Participants practice conversation via web conference in pairs, small groups and with the whole class. Discussions will be facilitated by a native English speaker, who will provide support with new vocabulary and improved grammar and pronunciation. From the comfort of your home you can meet new people, converse about a variety of topics, and strengthen your English skills at a comfortable pace.

Anmeldung möglich English B2.1 (F22-4A403)

Mi. 27.04.2022 (17:30 - 19:00 Uhr) - Mi. 29.06.2022
Dozent: Edgar Meier

This course is aimed for you who need to move on with your English and feel more confident in the work environment. It will also help you to communicate more comfortably on holidays. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, you will improve your grammar as well as your speaking and listening skills.

Anmeldung möglich Activate your English B1/B2 (F22-4A317)

Do. 28.04.2022 (19:15 - 20:45 Uhr) - Do. 14.07.2022
Dozentin: Hella Skoruppa

Could this be your statement? "My English was quite good and now?" Time to activate your English? Time to refresh and learn something new? In this course you will have the opportunity to gain confidence in speaking, to improve your reading and listening skills and to communicate with the right strategies. We are going to use authentic material from the BBC, e.g. DVD and real-life interviews. So what are you waiting for? Bridge the gap between your needs, the classroom and the real world. Do not forget that learning should and could be fun.

Anmeldung auf Warteliste English B1/B2 - Intensivkurs (S22-4A395B)


Mo. 11.07.2022 (09:00 - 14:00 Uhr) - Fr. 15.07.2022
Dozent: Oberdan Fuly

This course is suitable for all those who need to refresh and deepen their previously learned English in a short time. It will enable you to speak independently and confidently at work and in everyday life.
We will review basic grammar, practice important colloquial expressions for international communication and expand your vocabulary.
Supplementary exercises as homework will help you to improve your reading and writing skills. This course is only in English. At the end of it, we will talk to you on how you can keep learning and improving.